About Us


  Awakened Roots was founded in 2017 when I moved back to my roots in NW Ontario after years of study across Canada and abroad.

An early career in Advanced Remedial Massage Therapy first opened my eyes to the incredible connection between the human body, mind and spirit. This passion was further explored when I met my mentor, Shri Prasad Rangnekar, and the path of Traditional Hatha Yoga opened before me. Taking any chance I could to enroll in his trainings across India and many at home in Canada, my understanding of human nature and needs deepened further still.

While practicing Massage Therapy and running a yoga studio in Calgary, it wasn’t long before the missing piece was presented and my purpose became crystal clear. I began using my free time to study with individuals at the top of their field in holistic health and ultimately enrolled in one of Canada’s finest schools - Wild Rose College of Natural Healing. 

The only thing left to do was to take these gifts and unwavering passion back to my hometown and really be of service to the community in the best ways I knew how.

Awakened Roots’ commitment to supporting holistic well-being is total. We live to see individuals empowered in realizing the strength which they possess and the unending joy which comes from deepening connection to the land, one another and our truest selves.

Wishing you the most beautiful journey back to your best self. - Jena